Why Armad

A Balance Between Quality & Price

We offer affordable value-added systems which help you to save time, money and improve efficiency. We have worked closely with our partner manufacturers and suppliers in order to meet our customer’s needs with the right balance of time, quality and price.

Being engineers, we understand the importance of time and accuracy required in our service and our aim is to fulfil your needs with great precision and accurate specifications


The era we now face has new challenges with companies feeling the crunch of competitiveness and shrinking business globally. With this, came the communication age making the jobs of the procurement and project teams even more demanding.

The decreasing cost of materials and machines has created greater demand to be on time. We help with this by offering suitable and affordable solutions.

Engineering Expertise

Our customers can rely on us for quality, price and product availability to keep the progress of their project and overall efficiency on track.

We are a team of engineers with practical experience, having being trained & worked in the global market where we have faced what our customers may be encountering today.

We consider ourselves as your partner and your success is our success.

Please Call us and get it done

Please call or email. Our team will do their best to cater your requirements.